pony4The following matters are considered when an application for a place is made at The Horseshoe Day Nursery:

  • The numbers of places available
  • Registration requirements i.e. maximum numbers of children must not be exceeded
  • There will be a waiting list for admissions over the maximum
  • Priority will be given to siblings of children already in the nursery

We prefer your child to have 2 free visits before they start the nursery. Their first visit we ask for the parents to stay with them, this enables the staff in the room to have a chat with the parents about their own child’s individual needs. On their second visit we ask parents to leave their child for 1 hour so that we can see how your child is going to cope when you are not there. If we then feel that your child may need a few more visits then this can then be decided.

Childrens Nursery in GatesheadRegistration forms are issued on visiting the nursery and are to be completed and returned before admission. We also need to take a £25 registration fee.

A copy of our nurseries policies and procedures will be given to parents upon admission. There will also be a copy available at the nursery entrance, which is there for all parents to view.

Any queries you may have regarding any aspect of the nursery can be discussed at any time with your child’s key worker or Adele the nursery manager.