The safety of your children in our care is paramount and we have taken great care to provide the highest safety and security levels. Hygiene is also of the utmost importance and high on our agenda. Good practice concerning the importance of personnel hygiene will be emphasised in a very positive way.

Daycare for children in GatesheadFire Safety

A register of attendance will be taken for both staff and children morning and afternoon for the purpose of fire safety. It is important that you let us know by telephone on the first morning of absence that your child will not be attending nursery for whatever reason.

Regular fire drills will be carried out to ensure that all staff are aware of fire procedures and training in how to use fire extinguishing equipment will be given to all staff.


Children who are suffering from discharge from the eyes should be kept at home until treatment has been administered for 24 hrs. Also children who are suffering from Sickness and diarrhoea should be kept off nursery for 48 hours, from the last time that they were ill.

Any children with infectious diseases should also be kept off nursery until the symptoms have gone or when a doctor has advised that is safe for your child to return.

Drop off & Pick Up

The collection of a child from the nursery if other that stated in the admissions form must be arranged prior to the collection time for obvious safety reasons a password must also be given to staff on collection.


Equipment is regularly checked for safety and cleaned for hygiene purposes to promote high safety standards. All dangerous substances and equipment are locked away.

No Smoking!

No smoking is permitted in the nursery or in the grounds of the nursery.


The Horseshoe Day Nursery has fully comprehensive insurance and copies of it are available and are on the wall at the entrance.