Food HygineDepending on the sessions that your child attends they will be provided with breakfast, lunch and tea together with morning and afternoon snacks.

Menus are based on a 3 weekly rotation and are displayed in the front entrance to the nursery. We offer vegetarian meals and we can also cater for any food allergies for example egg or milk etc.

Horseshoe Day Nursery has always recognised the importance of healthy eating, which is reflected in the nutritious, balanced meals we provide. We continue to use a child nutritionist who works closely with our trained Catering Managers when devising our nursery menus, which include fresh fruit, oily fish, meat, poultry, and vegetables every day which all contribute to being healthy.

Our meals are nutritious and are prepared fresh on the premises by our very own cook. Water or milk are offered at every meal time and fresh water is available at all times throughout the day.

Our nursery is committed to delivering quality, balanced meals and snacks to all the children who attend and will continue to set the standard for food excellence and promote being healthy to the childcare sector as a whole.

Table manners are always encouraged!